In New York, GHISLAINE MAXWELL has been found GUILTY by the court. With her partner JEFFREY EPSTEIN, she maintained a sex ring with minors for the wealthy elite.

The prosecutor: “This is one of the worst crimes imaginable.” Specifically, Maxwell is accused of involvement in six cases. She faces seventy years in prison for each case.

Note from Vivoterra:
Ghislaine Maxwell is just a pawn in these criminal circles to suggest “justice” to the people.
The really big criminals have all never been in a court of law and continue to live free.
Criminals like the Queen, the Clintons, Merkel, Hussein Obama, George Bush Senior and Junior, the Roten Schilder and the Felsenfellers, CIA, FBI, KESB and many more.
As long as the courts are part of this socialist system, these courts will not convict their socialist leaders.
Christine Anderson one of a few from the EU parliament who speaks the truth.
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