🔺MTG: We must fully re-open and stop ALL masks & vaccine mandates.

The full government response at this point should only be mass production of monoclonal antibodies & distribution, make widely available all life saving treatments, & rehire all fired unvaxxed.

According to the CDC:

59,521,277 total cases in the US
834,077 total deaths in the US

58,687,200 Americans have SURVIVED Covid, with an overall death rate of 1.4% & overall survival rate of 98.6%.

623,855 total deaths were 65+ yrs of age.

210,222 total deaths in ages 0-64, gives a death rate of ONLY .35% in those under age 65.

That is a SURVIVAL rate of 99.65% in all people ages 0-64 yrs of age, not taking out obesity related covid deaths, which obesity is the highest risk factor for hospitalization & death.
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