On special bases in Kiev up to two thousand “fighters” were concentrated from the ten thousand “mujahideen” who had previously been brought from Afghanistan to Kosovo by the Americans.

At the beginning of events in Kazakhstan last week, when security was lifted at Alma-Ata airport and attempts were made to occupy it, four planes carrying opposition members and fighters were ready to take off from Kiev’s Boryspol airport, to announce on landing the transfer of power in the country to the opposition government led by Ablyazov.

Yarosh, a notorious friend of the SBU, had been instructed as part of the coup plan to announce the mobilization of “patriots” with combat experience to be sent to Kazakhstan.

My former colleagues in the Intelligence Community, from my years working with the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force, have conveyed very much more to me about the behind-the-scenes activities surrounding last week’s attempt to overthrow the government of Kazakhstan, in order for the West to harm Russia.

Some I can report, and will later.   

For instance, while the uprising in Kazakhstan last week bore the fingerprints of the US/EU, there was only circumstantial evidence pointing to it.  Now there is factual proof.  And this proof is going over like a fart in Church.

The big takeaway from the information provided to me by Covert Intelligence: Russia is also aware of these goings on and a massive movement of Russian Armor and troops, from Russia’s eastern military district, taking place today (Sunday) seems to indicate the move by the West against Kazakhstan has convinced the Russians they no longer have any choice; they must engage in actual war with NATO to secure the existence of Russia’s future, and that war will start very, VERY soon.

TelegramSergeant News Network🔺Ukraine President Zelensky Implicated With MI-6 in Kazakhstan Overthrow Attempt

“In the autumn of 2021, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky met with MI6 leadership during his visit to London and agreed to help organize political change in Kazakhstan;  change to be done from the barrels of guns via forcible overthrow!

In return, Covert Intelligence sources tell me, he was guaranteed future asylum in the West and a villa in Holland if things went bad.

With the agreement of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, a group of opposition figures from Kazakhstan was formed and a team of MI6 specialists from the United Kingdom was placed in Kiev

The “leader” of the Kazakhstan opposition in the person of billionaire and former official Mukhar Ablyazov was prepared.
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