đź”´Vaccinated person here… I need some answers.
đź“ŤI got vaccinated in the summer, the 2 mRNA shots. Overall, I am ‘pro vax’, but now I’m on the fence about getting the booster. Because I’ve noticed multiple red flags. Like the VAERS system and all the adverse reactions. And when I asked a doctor his thoughts on VAERS, he seemed puzzled and said that he honestly didn’t know what to think of VAERS. I’ve also seen stories about people having severe reactions to the jabs. And the media doesn’t even cover it. And Pfizer asking for 75 years to release data. Anyway, I would skip a booster shot entirely, but I’m considering it still, only because my job is crowded. I am a high school gym/health teacher, and everyday I’m around hundreds of people, and covid is spreading like wildfire here. So I’m paranoid about catching covid. Is omicron as mild as they say? Is it a ‘natural booster’? Leaving aside any deep conspiracy stuff, can anyone give me a logical, scientific-based perspective on the boosters, and what is the healthiest mindset I should take to navigate this whole situation?

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