NEW – Board member of large German health insurance company comes forward: Side effects of COVID vaccines much higher than reported by official agencies.

“According to our calculations, we consider 400,000 visits to the doctor by our policyholders because of vaccination complications to be realistic to this day. Extrapolated to the total population, this value would be three million,” says BKK board member Andreas Schöfbeck in a report by WELT.

“The numbers that resulted from our analysis are very far away from the publicly announced numbers. It would be unethical not to talk about it.”

The new data is an “alarming signal,” adds Schöfbeck.


DIE WELTCoronavirus: Mehr Impf-Nebenwirkungen als bisher bekannt – WELTEine Analyse von Millionen Versichertendaten der Betriebskrankenkassen BKK kommt bei den Nebenwirkungen auf erheblich höhere Zahlen als das Paul-Ehrlich-Institut. Die neuen Daten seien ein „Alarmsignal“, sagt BKK-Vorstand Andreas Schöfbeck.

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