Market Intelligence
Monitor the press releases of your competitors with the new Press Releases Bundle.

Keeping up with the big announcements that your competitors, partners or customers make in their press releases can be tedious and overwhelming.

This is why we manually curated hundreds of Press Releases that we organized into a Press Releases Bundle that you can now add to all your Leo Web Alerts.

To help you only get relevant press release articles about the companies you selected, we automatically improve your Web Alert when you select the “press release” topic in your search. This automatic improvement helps you save time and consists in 3 main changes:

  1. We add the Press Releases Bundle to your Leo Web Alert (see the Refine Sources block on the right)
  2. We remove the other source bundles from your Web Alerts so your search is focused on press release feeds exclusively. You can always add more feeds and bundles if you want to
  3. We remove the “press release” topic that would otherwise narrow down your search only to articles that mention “press release” in their content.
When you create a Leo Web Alert where you search for “press release”, we automatically improve it to increase the relevance of the results.

Feel free to reach out to if you have any questions!

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